Founded in 2012, PalClean emerged as a privately shared company and a subsidiary of the Waseel Group, dedicated to delivering a wide range of cleaning services across diverse sectors. Throughout the years, our journey has been marked by the accumulation of extensive expertise, propelling us to broaden our operational horizons as a specialized entity in integrated facility management, encompassing cleaning services, maintenance, and landscaping. Our success is driven by a dynamic team, boasting diverse experiences and high competencies, committed to delivering unparalleled experiences for our clients. We transcend conventional limits by harnessing technology and embracing a sustainable approach. As a result, we offer meticulously tailored solutions crafted to precisely meet the distinctive needs of the local market.


We aspire to emerge as the foremost provider of integrated facility management and distinctive services, enriching the environments in which we operate. Our unwavering dedication to excellence ensures the ongoing satisfaction of our customers.


Providing innovative and sustainable solutions, and delivering a diverse range of services designed to meet the needs of all sectors through a single provider.